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exwife, nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. stunning new claims more than 18 years afterrrrrr >> october 3, 2009, camp keating, the most technically disadvantaged american outpost in all of afghanistan, located within three mountains. 53 u.s. troops hoping it would not happen but they were attacked by 400 taliban, outoutnumberred almost 8 to 1. what happened and why? abc news senior white house correspondent jack tapper set out to get answers. the fact of one of the murdered soldiers telling tapper he blames the president and the secretary of defense for not supporting his son. that's one of the eye opening stores in the outpost. he joins us. thanks for joining us, jake. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> you need to read this to understand what the soldiers went through. >> i hope so. that's the goal is so people because 99% of us have no idea about this war. we're not connected to it. i think its less than five -- less than .5% of the people have actually fought for us since 9/11. i certainly was blocked off and unaware even though i was covering the war from the comfort of
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right. i was going to look at some of the senate races. massachusetts, scott brown and elizabeth. >> i think brown has pulled in. it's a tough seat to keep but he's had a very, very good campaign and elizabeth warren has some pretty strange weaknesses in pretending to be a native-american, et cetera. it's a hard race. in my mind that's one of the hardest races to call in the country. >> in wisconsin. tammy baldwin is former governor tommy thompson. >> thompson beats by probably six or eight points. >> that many? >> yeah. the fact in the end everybody who is undecided will vote for tommy. you know the state well. would you say would you like a madison liberal in the u.s. senate? >> there's a newspaper, the green bay president gazette, it has endorsed gov. romney, republican. and it has endorsed tammy baldwin, a very liberal democrat and passed over governor thompson. >> that's a surprise. tommy thompson has won five straight races in the state. he helped invent welfare reform and helped invent school choice. he knows more about healthcare than almost any elected official in the country.
brown for attorney general because i think he will get beater in massachusetts. thank you. thank you for being with us tonight. see you again tomorrow night former alaskan government and speaker of the house newt gingrich. good night from
the president, but governor romney's going to help me. and mitt romney, scott brown, as attorney general because i think he will be beat nen massachusetts. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night. former governor of alaska, sarah palin and former speaker newt gingrich will be here. good night from washington, d.c.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)